The National Truck Driving Championships & National Step Van Driving Championships is a competition of professional truck drivers hosted each year by American Trucking Associations. This competition has a long history – dating back to 1937 when it was known as the National Truck Rodeo.

The NTDC & NSVDC competitors are made up of the winners in nine classes of competition from 50 State Trucking Associations’ Truck Driving Championships.

The NTDC and affiliated state TDCs are considered the one of the industry’s largest and most effective safety programs.  Known to many as the "Super Bowl of Safety," these annual competitions inspire tens of thousands of drivers to operate accident-free for the right to compete.  

During the TDC and NTDC competition, each driver has a chance to demonstrate his or her driving and inspection skills, knowledge and professionalism through a series of tests. The drivers undergo a written examination, pre-trip inspection test and finally, the most visible - the skills test. 

The Championships are a great incentive for professional truck drivers to operate safely because they must be accident-free for at least one year prior to the competition. Many of the competitors have millions of accident-free driving miles to their credit.

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National Champions

Tractor Single Axle Semi-Trailer
Tractor Tandem Axle Semi-Trailer
Truck Full Trailer
Straight Truck
3 Axle Van
4 Axle Van
5 Axle Van
5 Axle Flatbed
5 Axle Tanker
5 Axle Sleeper
Twin Trailers
Auto Transporter
Step Van

Special Awards

NTDC Grand Champion
State Team Award 
Rookie of the Year Award
Vehicle Condition Award 
Neill Darmstadter Professional Excellence Award
Sam Gillette Life-time Volunteer Award